Do you know any Angels?

We Do!

Welcome to
Love an Angel Foundation

LAAF is a 501(c)3 nonprofit
We serve individuals and families with AS

Headquarters / Activity Rooms:
3108 Vanderhoof Road
New Franklin, Ohio 44216

Love an Angel Foundation Headquarters

Future Site:
Halo Farm Complex

Phase I: Land purchase & paid off (complete!)
Phase II: The Gathering Place (outdoor recreation)
Phase III: Residential / Respite Facility

Future site of Love an Angel Foundation
To provide Comfort, Assistance, Relief and Encouragement to those touched by Angelman Syndrome.

Angels We Know:

The Angels we know have a rare neuro-genetic disorder that occurs on the maternal leg of the 15th chromosome in the form of a deletion, mutation, or defect in one specific gene. AS affects males, females and all racial/ethnic groups. The Angels we know exhibit a happy demeanor and yet they require lifelong care.

Signs of an Angel:

  • Absence of functional speech
  • Seizures
  • Severe developmental and intellectual delay
  • Movement and balance disorders
  • Sleep disorders
  • Variety of behavioral issues
  • Happy demeanor (smiling, laughing, hand flapping)

Our Next Event:

Fall Virtual Fundraiser

And the Winners Are:
For the Reverse Raffle Ticket for two: Nancy Blind!
For the Purse Drawing: Susan Hagen!

Even though the drawing has taken place, you can still donate to the fundraiser anytime by mailing us a check or by following the link on our donation page.

Thank you for your support and to everyone who donated! See you in person in February!  :)

The Gathering Place Fundraiser

This venue is dedicated to the Angels and their families. Thank you for helping us to reach our goal of $213,800!

Art Of An Angel:

Some lovely artwork created by one of our Angels. Support our Angels and share the beauty of Art of an Angel at the same time.

Our Video:

Please take a few minutes to watch our latest video.